Who We Are

About Middle East Forum in London

Middle East Forum in London is a think tank with a fresh perspective on the maelstrom of complex issues facing the Middle East and North Africa, providing news, articles, studies and research about the region.

We are one of the projects supported by the Eurabia Group. The company registered in the United Kingdom under the name of EUROABIA PUBLISHING & ADVERTISING LIMITED provides a helping hand to media and research projects in the Middle East and is managed by Ahmed Al Masri and Malik Al Athamna, who are influential media personalities in the Middle East.

Who are we?

We are a group of journalists and researchers based in the UK with a keen interest in the geopolitics of the Middle East. We have decided to launch a forum in London as a think tank to discuss, monitor and analyse the developments and events in the region.

We will also be examining Britains foreign policy stance towards the region. We will also be monitoring international media coverage of this volatile region of the world.

We strongly believe in dialogue and therefore welcome all divergent opinions. We believe that democracy and peaceful coexistence are values ​​that represent the safe way out for the countries of the Middle East. We consider our forum as an alternative to the current political impasse in the region.

Middle East Forum in London will be a free platform to discuss the political, economic and security aspects of this region in a calm and reasoned dialogue in which every voice will be heard.

Our main objective is that our discussions, research and seminars result in clarifying the picture and thus the possibility of finding solutions, even partial, to the problems of these countries, in order to engender a conducive political, economic and social environment, eschewing all forms of extremism.

We are not a political body and therefore it is not our aim to topple another ruler or support a group. We are researchers and believe in the power of free speech and freedom of expression.

We also hope that the forum will be the nucleus of building a large centre of studies in the UK that will help researchers to understand the undercurrents of Middle East politics. We will strive to build a bridge of dialogue, coexistence and communication between the East and the West.

We hope that our project will be a new ray of light that illuminates the darkness that has prevailed for so long.