Our Team


Mohsen Hosny is the founder, director and co-owner of the Middle East Forum in London. He is an Egyptian journalist and researcher with over 16 years experience. He has been based in London since January 2014 as UK correspondent for the Egyptian daily, Almasry Alyouma widely circulated newspaper.

He is the Chairman of the Study and Research Committee of ABHR, the Arab-British Organisation for Human Rights.

He presented a weekly programme, The London Talk via the Asian-Iraqi channel, Asia TV where he discussed the most important developments and events in the Middle East, and hosted a large number of British and Arab politicians, diplomats and parliamentarians.

He has contributed to several Arab newspapers and television stations and has worked on many research papers using National Archive documents on the history of political Islam groups. He is also a member of Egyptian Press Syndicate.

Khairi Janbek is a researcher in modern history, obtained his first degree in International History, then post graduates in Economic Development and Diplomatic History from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Worked as the deputy at The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies. Adviser to the President of the Diplomatic Institute, Media Adviser to the former Crown prince of Jordan, and private Adviser to prince Hassan Bin Talal.

Adel Darwish, ( Author, Reporter & Broadcaster)

columnist with The Tribune (http://www.tribunemagazine.co.uk/)

Political Editor: The M.E. News Group ..The Middle East Magazine.

New African Magazine, Africa Business Magazine

Amr El Shobaki, senior researcher. Al Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies – ACPSS

Dr Amr El Shobaki is an Expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, and a columnist at Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm. Dr El Shobaki was a Member of the Constitution Committee 2013, and member of the Egyptian Parliament (independent) in 2012 and 2014 (according to the decision of the court of cassation, which was not implemented by the Egyptian Parliament until now). His research focuses on Arab and Egyptian political systems, political Islamic movements and issues facing European Islam. He received his PhD in Political Sciences from Paris University 1 (Sorbonne). He has published a number of research papers and books, his recent publications include the renowned book Les frères Musulmans des origines à nos jours (2009); The Crisis of the Muslims Brotherhood in Egypt (2008) and The Crisis of Egyptian Political Parties: The Experience of the Al-Aamal Party (2005).

Julia A’isha  is an independent cultural researcher and freelance musician who has been living between London and the Middle East for 20 years. This started with a keen interest in Archaeology, which took her to Athens and then Cairo in the late 90s, where she worked in films. Her studies inevitably led her into international political territory, the awareness of which intensified during nearly four years living and working in Palestine, teaching music in refugee camps and cities of the West Bank, where she learned to speak, read and write in Arabic. Being well educated and naturally curious, observant and analytical, Julia developed a sharp understanding of the finer details of the situation there and how it relates to that of neighbouring countries and the international community. On her returned to London in 2012 to complete her MSc in Applied Music Psychology, she continued to research and write about Palestine and remains devoted to advocating for the Palestinian cause. Since graduation she has worked for Open Bethlehem, Taqasim, Mena Media, the Peace and Prosperity Trust and P100 Initiative, working closely with Amos Trust, who support many on the ground partner organisations. In recent years Julia has continued to work independently with refugee and diaspora communities from Palestine, as well as from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the entire Middle East region, through her social enterprise, UnityMusicموسيقىتوحيد.

Ahmed Almasri, is an Executive Director at Meflo. He is Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director at www.euroabia.com.
He was International and gulf Affairs Editor and online Managing Editor at Alquds Alarabi Newspaper.
He is a well-respected journalist who has been based in London for over 20 years. He has appeared on BBC Arabic, Sky News Arabic and other mainstream broadcast networks as a commentator and analyst on Middle East affairs.

Bolaji Babafemi is the Copy Editor of Middle East forum in London. He began his journalism career in Lagos, Nigeria, 27 years ago working as a staff writer on the defunct Daily Times of Nigeria. He later moved on to the world of glossies honing his skill as a feature writer stalking celebrities and newsmakers with acerbic pen portraits in his diary columns and colour expositions.

He has since gone on to train at United Kingdoms premier news agency, The Press Association. He currently freelances as a Sub Editor for the Newsweek Media Group amongst many other media outlets subbing world affairs, current affairs, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, science and technology, rolling news coverage and developing stories.

A self-taught photographer, he has also worked as a freelance press photographer for the defunct Demotix photo agency in London. He is the publisher of the online newspaper, WestLondonToday.co.uk.




Marwan El-Menawy is the Director and co-owner of Middle East Forum in London. He is responsible for bringing the Think Tank to the next level and overseeing all future expansions. Menawy has experience working in both the creative and business aspects of media. He has worked in television and news production, journalism, digital media and radio. He has a degree in Journalism.Amongst other ventures, Menawy also owns and manages CrossComm Productions – a production company based in Egypt, and manages the Egyptian branch of daily newspaper “Arab News“

Rachel Sternfeld is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her research focuses on media policy in the Arab world, especially Egypt. This article ( http://meforum.co.uk/exclusion-extremism-in-the-sinai-peninsula-2 ) grew out of a paper presented with Matthew Albolino at the 2018 Midwest Political Science Association conference in Chicago, which compared political resistance by two very different groups marginalized from the profits of tourism in their native lands — the Bedouin in Sinai and Okinawans in Japan.

Hazem El -Refaey MD MRCOG, is a practicing clinician in the United Kingdom. He started from the most junior grade of House Officer in to a Consultant position. He graduated from Cairo University, obtained his Medical Licence and membership at the Royal College in London attained his medical doctorate with Merits from Aberdeen University, Scotland.

His links with Egypt have remained strong over the years. He regularly contributes to the prestigious national newspaper, Al-Ahram, which has a wide readership throughout the Arabic speaking world. He tackles subjects related to health, global politics and simple daily life.